Lead singer within the coproprietor, the TRUSTEE has an essential role in your life.
ARTHURIMMO.COM ORLEANS takes care of this mission of trustee to manage the building and the collective equipment for the accounts of the coproprietors."

ARTHURIMMO.COM ORLEANS is committed to respect the rules of the coproprietorship, execute the decisions of the general assembly and accomplish all necessary acts to preserve the coproprietorship.


  • CS meetings
  • Annual assemblies
  • Special assemblies
  • Make a statement on the mission of trustee
  • Representation to ASL/AFUL
  • Information of the occupants of the building
  • PV register
  • Application of the decisions taken


  • Management of contracts
  • Quotation and concurrence
  • Work declaration
  • Signature of markets
  • Reception of project
  • Claim declaration
  • Conservatory measures
  • Expertise presence
  • File tracking
  • Payment of indemnities


  • Simple reminder
  • AR reminder
  • Demeure
  • Payment of unpaid rent
  • Private agreement protocol
  • Payment injunction
  • Management of disputes
  • Dispute tracking
  • Demeure of a third party
  • Dossier transmission
  • lawyer or attorney


  • Management of personnel
  • Quarterly fund calls
  • Budget forecast
  • Individual consumptions
  • Individual bills
  • Banking tracking
  • Payment of suppliers
  • Works fund calls
  • Dated state
  • Account verification with the CS


  • Regular building visits
  • Valuation of the patrimony
  • Common parts maintenance
  • Collaboration with the CS
  • CS advice
  • Works proposal
  • Advice
  • Professional assistance
    experts (architects, control offices...)


  • Archives management
  • Maintenance book
  • Insurance policies subscriptions
  • Coproprietorship regulation
  • Descriptive division state
  • Subvention and loan dossier
  • Registration book
  • Synthetic sheet
  • Audits and diagnostics management


  • Regular review of the syndical council
  • Regular visits according to the regulation defined by the contract
  • Separate bank account opening for each coproprietor
  • Application of the SRU accounting plan
  • Unpaid rent tracking each month
  • Budget comparison with the request of the President of the syndical council


  • Responsible and organized management
  • Management adapted to all types of coproprietor: from a few lots to several hundreds
  • Preservation and improvement of your life frame
  • Disposition of our know-how and expertise at the service of your real estate patrimony
  • Disposition of qualified and available collaborators
  • Main contact
  • Experienced and specialized teams in all the areas of intervention: legal, administrative, accounting, technical...
  • Perfect transparency
  • Permanent information of the syndical council
  • Clear and justified fees
  • Free email sending of fund calls
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If you are the owner of a real estate in a coproprietor, trust us and test our know-how.
ARTHURIMMO.COM ORLEANS is committed to the optimal management of your coproprietor in the respect of the regulatory constraints and your requirements.