Locative management

You want to delegate the locative management of your real estate to gain time and free from all constraints, ARTHURIMMO.COM ORLEANS is present to you to guide you.

Our fees related to this mission are deductible from your property income.

One mandate for you to ensure the entire services related to the LOCATIVE MANAGEMENT , of the advised and guided actions in all your actions.



  • Expiration notice
  • Payments
  • Rent payments
  • Coproprietor charges
  • Taxes
  • Rent revision
  • Management report
  • Renter counting
  • Property income declaration
  • VAT declaration

The unpaid

  • Simple reminder
  • AR reminder
  • Demeure
  • Cautions claim
  • Payment order
  • Competent court
  • Representation and deposit of pieces
  • Conciliation commission
  • Judgment execution


  • Repairs menus
  • Quotations
  • Concurrence
  • Start of works
  • Works follow-up and reception
  • Accidents declaration
  • Conservatory measures
  • Accidents follow-up
  • Subvention request ANAH
  • Management of personnel


  • Holiday information
  • Announcement diffusion
  • Property highlighting
  • Selection of candidates
  • Solvability study and control
  • Bail writing
  • Entry and exit status
  • Cautions dossier
  • Tax information center

Our platform allows you to follow your account in real time on our dematerialized client space and to consult the entire documents of your dossier.You will be in contact with your dedicated contact and will receive each month a detailed monthly report of your management.

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ARTHURIMMO.COM ORLEANS ... A team present to you to help you to pay off all your bailleur obligations through the mastery of the current legislation by the way of the continuing training of your agents in the agency.